The hotel PITER INN is situated in the center of Petrozavodsk, which allows you to walk to all the principal sights of the city. 
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First of all, have a look at the Lake Onega embankment – the most popular place for walking among both city dwellers and guests.
Paved by red granite, lighted by street lamps it makes the impression of an ancient street. There is a unique open-air museum on the embankment. Remarkable sculptures presented by sister-cities and countries form a unique alley of fantastic images.
Traditionally, all the large-scale festivals of Petrozavodsk take place on the Lake Onega embankment.





There are: the Musical Theatre of the Republic of Karelia, the National Theatre of Karelia, youth Theatre “Creative Workshop”, Puppet Theatre, Karelian Philharmonic Society, museums and exhibition halls.

We recommend visiting:
In the National Museum of the Republic of Karelia there is a permanent exhibition in the following areas: ethnography, archeology, folklore, history and nature.
The museum collection includes: Iconography of ancient Karelia, Folk art of Karelia, Art of Karelia of the XX century, Russian art of the XVIII - early XX centuries, Russian art of the XX century, Western European art.






Just 20 minutes away from the hotel there is the pier from which hydro-foils leave for the island of Kizhi, where the nature-reserve and museum of folk wooden architecture and ethnography of Karelia of the same name is situated. At present there is a collection of churches, chapels, peasant houses and windmills from different parts of Karelia. The main attractions are: the 22-domed Church of Transfiguration, 9-domed  Intercession Church and the bell tower.








In the north-western part of Lake Ladoga there are picturesque islands.
On the largest of them there is Valaam (Transfiguration) Monastery. It was first mentioned in 1329. But Valaam is famous not only for natural beauty. For many centuries it was a Russian orthodox holy place with rich monastic traditions and complicated history.








The marble lake attracts a great number of tourists by the beauty of steep marble slopes penetrating the emerald clear water, by the chance to boat through marble caves being fascinated at the wonderful diversity of shades of marble, or to go down the mine and walk the way that was used to take out marble for the construction of churches and palaces. 








Kivach Waterfall is not the highest but the most well-known waterfall in the republic. 
It is the second largest valley waterfall in Europe. The waterfall is beautiful in summer, when the green leaves throw shade on the light breaking waves, and in winter when water breaks through the ice.